No matter how many times I visit Paris, and it's a lot, I never get tired of the feeling when the Eurostar pulls in the Gare de Nord and I've arrived. The grey graffitied walls of the station give way to the most beautiful streets of creamey stone buildings.  I almost know my way around the centre, I always get a little lost then end up instinctively finding my way back on track. 

The past few times I've moved a little closer the centre and stayed in Hotel 34B. It's in the 9th arrondissement but really close to the Marais, which was an area I wanted to explore further. The hotel is quite large but feels like a boutique, the breakfast is delicious and the dining room is calm and relaxing. I will be returning to Paris very soon, but this time less of the sightseeing and more relaxing in bars and restaurants is on the agenda and a little bit of shopping in-between of course.