I visited Marrakech in May. Part inspiration trip, part relaxation trip. I found both in the souks and at the absolutely stunning Riad de TarabelI've Marrakech before but stayed out of the city in a walled-off hotel. To really appreciate the city you have to stay in a Riad. Despite being in a very well know street in the Riad I got lost everytime I left. I could leave the Riad twice a day for a month and I'm sure I would still miss my turning on the way back. But that is part of the joy of Marrakech. The sense of discovery you feel turning down a street you could never hop to find again but glad you did. 

It was on this trip that I became inspired to set up my online store. I'm sure most design lovers are aware of Morrocon style, but I would really like to tell the wider story of African design and craftsmanship. Travelling is my number one passion and Marrakech has everything I love, a rich history of architecture and design combined with stunning natural dusty beauty.