I bought a candle from Earl of East London at the Sample market at North Greenwich earlier this year. Sample is a market which celebrates new talent across fashion, homewares, and design. Earl of East London are independent candle makers based in Hackney. Set up by Paul and Niko, they create beautifully scented soy candles using quality ingredients sourced from all over the world. So when a friend suggested joining a candle making workshop, I was pleased to find that Earl run workshops out of Bonds of Hackney, the store owned by Paul and Niko which doubles as their workshop.

The workshop was an introduction to the process of candle making from sourcing materials through to creating a name for our creations (I called mine 'NINE') As a process it seems quite simple, melt some wax and pour it into a jar. But the amount of nuance involved in the material selection the scent creation process is astounding. The brands candles really are a beautiful unique product.

The workshops can be booked through their website.